LickiMat & Woof Butter…….the perfect combination.

Webster’s Empawrium are now stockist’s of the original LickiMat Classics. They come in three surfaces: Buddy, Playdate and Soother

The surface patterns of the three models differ a little to better suit different types of foods, treats and liquids. All three surfaces are suitable for raw, wet, dry and liquid dog food, as well as any manner of treat.

The Soother is the most challenging of the three surfaces, and is best suited for soft, runny and liquid foods and treats. It is preferred for liquids such as the juice from BBQ chicken or roasts as it gives the tongue an exquisite workout.

All LickiMats Classics are microwave friendly, so you can cook meals on them in the microwave; they are freezer-friendly, so you can freeze treats on them; and they are easy to hand-wash in the sink. They are all made from human food-grade rubber (TPR).

Also, along with the LickiMat we are now stocking Woof Butter…..Peanut butter for dogs & cats. It comes in four fabulous blends: Joint & Movement | Treat Time | Strong Teeth | Coat Health.

WoofButter Treat Time
WoofButter Strong Teeth
WoofButter Joint & Movement
WoofButter Coat Health

When it’s time to treat your four-legged friend, who says you can’t keep things simple? Sometimes all you need is a big dollop of natural peanut butter that has them licking their lips from the moment you pop the lid. That means no sugar, no Xylitol and definitely no palm oil. In fact, we’ve used nothing else but 100% roasted peanuts just for your furry friend. How good is that.

  • Delicious natural taste for your canine friend
  • Healthy dog treat that’s nothing but natural
  • No added palm oil or preservatives
  • Use as a treat, training aid or to hide tablets
  • Specially formulated for dogs

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