Dr Zoo Crusty Nose Itchy Toes Balm 50g


This rich Nose and Paw Butter was designed to moisturise and protect dry, cracked noses and paws. Paw pads can become dry and cracked from hot or cold concrete, or can become itchy from a variety of natural elements. We use Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil, which will moisturise your pet’s nose, especially on cold days, and will have their paw pads ready for roaming the streets again.

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Apply directly over the paw pads or nose. Paws will be slippery after application so allow time for to dry. We recommend to distract your pet for a little time so it doesn’t lick all the product immediately.

IngredientWhy We Chose It
Purified WaterOils alone tend to sit on the surface of the skin. Combining oils with water (using an emulsifier) helps the oils penetrate and moisturise the skin properly
Shea ButterOne of the most intense moisturising ingredients for dry skin
Raw Coconut OilVery high in saturated fatty acids, and so is one of the most moisturising oils around. It is also anti-bacterial and this is important when applying into cracked or broken skin
Hemp Seed OilHemp seed oil contains an ingredient that gives it unique anti-inflammatory properties that are not often found in other oils. This, added to its antioxidant properties, allows hemp oil to detoxify and clean skin
Cetearyl Alcohol and Polysorbate 60.Food grade emulsifiers which hold the water and oil together
Natural Vitamin E. ( D-Alpha-Tocopherol)Natural Vitamin E. Promotes healthy skin
Apple Cider VinegarSlightly acidic and used to match butters to the skin’s pH
Rhus Succedanea Fruit WaxTo keep the emulsion from separating into its oil and liquid components and create a creamy consistency
Piroctone OlamineHelps keep the balm sterile

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