Enki Pooch – Pack of 3 Towels


Enki Pooch, the worlds first luxurious eco-friendly dog towel. Pooch towels are cost effective and high quality. Pamper your dog today with our eco-friendly towel. Eliminate washing and drying dirty towels, easy to store a pack in your car. We believe every home should have a pack of Enki Pooch Towels. Each pack contains 3 Pooch Towels, 100cm x 60cm in a handy waterproof & resealable bag. If you have a big or small dog, Pooch towels will do the job – You can even cut to desired size. Our motto is: Leave Muddy Paws Outdoors!

How to Use

Press the Enki Pooch Towel against your dogs wet coat & paws to quickly absorb all excess water.

Gently rub the armpits, ears, back end and tummy to get your dag amazingly clean & dry..

put your used towel in the recycle bin or wring out and use again & again…………..it’s biodegradable.

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Enki Pooch – Revolutionary Eco Friendly Dog Towel – 60 X 100cm, Pack Of 3 Pooch Towels.

The Worlds Most Luxurious Eco Friendly Dog Towel.

Enki Pooch Eco Friendly Dog Towels Are Made Of Natural Plant Fibers And Are 100% Biodegradable.

Eco Friendly, 100% Hygienic & Re-Usable.

Safe For All Pets And You.

If Your Pooch Towel To Big For Your Small Dog? Then Cut Pooch To Your Desired Size And Get More Miles From It.

Cost Effective. Save Time And Money.

Eliminate Washing And Drying Dirty Towels.

Pooch Towels Can Be Recycled, They Are Kind To The Environment.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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